Oct 16th 2018

Christmas / New Year Bin Dates.

This poster is also available on the Recyling pages, you can Download it for printing, but the dates for the bin / recycling collections over the Christmas break are as follows:

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Sep 20th 2018

Meare Moles wins top prize.

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Congratulations to Meare Moles after winning a national competition ran by to select the best Community Playgroup of the year.

Members of the public were able to nominate playgroups back in April and then an online public vote was counted on the top seven selected groups.

Meare Moles came out on top and scooped the £500 worth of toys, bibs, cutlery and a 12 month supply of sun cream.

Meare Moles nursery manager Nicola Lynham said that winning was a wonderful surprise;

"We were absolutely amazed and very excited about it," she said. "As a very small playgroup we weren't expecting it at all, so it was a lovely surprise. All the amazing products we won will greatly help improve the services we offer."

Sep 18th 2018

Royal Mail dealing with Scam Mail.

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An announcement by the Royal Mail is making people aware that a lot of scam mail is being sent through the post. Scam mail is illegal mail sent to try and persuade vulnerable people to part with money. The material is generated by professional fraudsters and often, the mail is convincing and usually involves fake competitions and bogus prize draws.

The Royal Mail is committed to combatting scam mail and is making people aware that you can inform them about scam mail in the following manner:

  • Write to them using the address FREEPOST SCAM MAIL enclosing the items suspected of being scam mail.
  • Phoning a free scam mail helpline on 0800 0113 466
  • or EMail:

Sep 18th 2018

School place applications.

Parents and carers of children due to start or transfer school in September 2019 can now apply using the on-line application form.

If your child is due to start school for the first time (will be age 4 before 1st September 2019) or due to transfer to a junior, middle, secondary or upper school then it is very important you make an on time school place application.

Deadline for primary admissions => 15th January 2019

Deadline for secondary admissions => 31st October 2018

To download the primary or secondary booklet for parent's, to make an on-line application and for further information please visit our website Please phone 0300 123 2224 if you require a paper application form or further advice.

Sep 6th 2018

Road Closure - Shapwick Road 1st October.

Shapwick Road will be closed for 77 days from the 1st October. For more information see the Council Notices Page.

Jul 24th 2018

Earlier pickup for bins in hot weather.

Somerset Waste Partnership which collect all of the bins and recycling have posted a temporary change to the start time for the collection of bins...

"Recycling and rubbish collections will start daily at 6am from now on due to the high temperatures.

Please ensure your bins and boxes are all out in time for the early start (and no earlier than the night before), and note that some collections times may change.

The new start time will continue until cooler weather returns. Crews have been reminded to keep the noise down; apologies in advance for the sound of glass and cans."

To help crews get your waste collected, please:

  • Sort and roughly segregate materials in boxes without using carrier bags.
  • Rinse all containers and squash all but glass and aerosols.
  • Cut up all large card and flatten all cardboard boxes.

For links to their website and a reminder about what materials go in which bins then see the recycling and bins page.

Jun 28th 2018

Road Restriction - One way system imposed around Godney between 21st and 22nd of July.

Due to Godney Gathering event. For more information see the Council Notices Page.";

Jun 27th 2018

Road Closure - Station Road 27th August.

Station Road will be closed for 3 days from the 27th August. For more information see the Council Notices Page.

Jun 6th 2018

Road Closure - Meareway 26th June.

Meareway Road will be closed for 2 days from the 26th June. For more information see the Council Notices Page.

Apr 28th 2018

The new privacy laws and this website.

In just under one months time, on the 25th of May, the law regarding how people must manage personal information is changing and this will affect The Meare and Westhay website.

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) comes into effect which dramatically enhances your protections regarding the way all companies, institutions and people use your personal information.

This pan European law puts you in charge of your personal information and the main effects are that:

  • Companies and other institutions need your consent to use your personal information.
  • You have the right to withdraw that consent.
  • The supplied information can only be used in the manner that you consented to.

This website has been attempting to get consent from each and every person listed on it who run clubs, allotments, churches etc otherwise the site cannot list those details.

The site stores only the information as displayed on the pages and on the 25th of May the site has been programmed to not display any personal information that has not been consented to.

Most of the people for whom this affects have been contacted and as the editor of this site I would like to thank all those people who have already got back with their consent information. If you are listed on the site, even just by name only, and have not been contacted yet then I would urge you to get in touch by email by clicking on the menu item on the left "Web Editor" and sending an email.

Steve the Web Editor

Apr 17th 2018

Annual Parish Assembly.

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Rosie Lander.

The members of the parish were treated to a concert from the recently formed group of ukulele players called the Meare Pluckers at the Annual Parish Assembly.

Also, Emily Macpherson was awarded the Villager of the Year award.

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Rosie Lander.

Mar 8th 2018

Environment Agency Briefing Note.

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The environment agency have issued a briefing note regarding the permit application and enforcement position for South West Wood Products.

The document can be found by clicking here or on the image above.